Introducing Release Butler

Release Butler

the ultimate tool for release management and deployment

Imagine the following scenario:
  • your application is composed of 6 projects, 2 of which are BusinessWorks projects developed in Designer and 4 are ActiveMatrix projects developed in BusinessStudio
  • you have to deploy and configure 86 archives, 8000 global variables, manage 359 queues, 150 topics and 72 bridges, across 16 different servers; not to mention application's dependencies such as databases, files and certificates.
  • ... and this is only for one of the five environments you need to maintain.
Now imagine to do all this, with a single command.
It’s possible, with Release Butler!

The solution for Release Management

Release Butler offers:
  • clear and unified abstraction model representing releases, artifacts and dependencies
  • plug-in system with modules that encapsulate and hide the product-specific tasks and expose a unified interface for operations and syntax
  • ‘smart’ tools that not only automate simple tasks, but perform complex deployment
  • a turn-key solution that can also be easily customised
Release Butler is all this plus a unique set of features:
  • Out-of-the-box support for Pre- and post-deployment tasks
  • Handles Dependencies such as: perform DB changes, create EMS queues, check that a file exists and many others
  • Infrastructure setup (e.g. creation of AMX nodes)
  • Powerful interpreter that allows to perform operations, say deploy, on a subset of the release
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