Introducing JMS Butler

The solution for EMS Management

Being an EMS Administrator can be a daunting task.
EMS objects (queues, topics, etc.) are either created “manually” or via script, invoking tibEmsAdmin.
Unfortunately both approaches present limitations:
  • manual creation is a maintenance overhead and is error prone
  • tibEmsAdmin scripts work only when executed the first time
JMS Butler is designed to:
  • reuse your existing EMS scripts, so you won’t have to prepare them again
  • overcome the limitations of TibEMSAdmin tool
  • Full compatibility with the standard TIBCO™ syntax, no learning curve required
  • Delta Execution*
  • Seamless integration with E2D and Release Butler
  • Cross Platform Support
  • Support Encrypted Passwords

Features comparison table

JMS Butler TibEMSAdmin GEMS
Execute a command multiple times
Suitable for continuous integration
Standard command syntax
Encrypted passwords support
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